Comparing the education system in vietnam

Vietnam and australia share numerous similarities as well as various notable differences, including: people, religion, flora and fauna it can be said that the people in the two countries are very approachable, receptive and friendly. School systems around the world education in vietnam vietnamese students surprised the world with their 2012 pisa results vanessa shadoian-gersing, a former oecd analyst who writes and consults on global education, offers observations based on her recent work in vietnam. In vietnam, children enjoy twelve years of basic education on a half-day basis before they move on to college, university, or begin work education plays a major role in vietnamese life not only is the devotion to study one of society’s core values, but education is also recognized as a chance of advancement. The historical lineages of vietnam’s education system to study contemporary vietnam’s education system is to scratch the surface of something much larger and older1 but the history of education in vietnam cannot be treated as a mere “backdrop” to the present. In comparison with other developing countries, việt nam's population enjoys a relatively high standard of education in the past, vietnam’s educational system was affected by many cultures, of which the chinese and french had most significant influence.

After reviewing the unesco report, we see that the challenges in asia's education examination systems are: - system encourages cheating and corruption: current examination systems throughout the region are so important to students and parents therefore are vulnerable to a number of problems including cheating, corruption, and excessive drilling and commercial tutoring. Vietnam is densely populated and growing quickly, with about a third of the population living in bustling cities ho chi minh city, named after the communist-era nationalist leader, is the most. The education in vietnam and canada are very different the canada education system seems to be better than the education system in vietnam as a result, many vietnamese families have tried to send their children to canada to get a better education. Being able to compare all three educational systems (us, japan, northern-europe), the devastating result for the american (overall price) and japanese (price and separation in state run and private) university level education system is undeniable.

The system of state primary school education is from the age of 5 to 11 in the state primary schools, there are two sections - infants’ school and junior school. Higher education is very prestigious, a tradition that dates back to the competitive examination system to become an official in the precolonial period many families want their children to attend university, but such an option is beyond reach for the majority of the population, particularly those in rural or highland areas. Education during this period in vietnam’s history “with such an education system, 95% of vietnamese people were illiterate” (worldbank, part 1 paragraph 6, 2010.

The grading system in asian schools is more complicated than that in the american system however, it’s also more precise asian schools use a relative grading system, which doesn’t have a set score that defines the great. The life expectancy at birth in vietnam is 7291 while in the united states it is 7956 this entry contains the average number of years to be lived by a group of people born in the same year, if mortality at each age remains constant in the future. The current situation of vietnam education phu hop mai1, 2, , however, education in vietnam which is too outdated in comparison with other regional countries and the world, do national education systems consolidating, improving teacher training system, innovating basic and.

Comparing the education system in vietnam

Behr, helen, comparing rural and urban primary education in the mekong delta (2005)independent study project (isp) collection 414 resource for analysis of the education system, translation, and learning to speak the an ideal setting in which to study education in vietnam the system as it is set up now is not much different from. In 2008, researchers from harvard reported that vietnam's higher-education system was in crisis, and that it lagged far behind the systems of thailand, malaysia and the philippines, to say. Comparing education systems the vast differences between the american education system and chinese education dr derek levine, phd from the university of debnver’s korbel school of international studies, is the director of the international student program at moore catholic high school.

  • Compare and contrast the education system between the united essaysin the first eighteen years in my life, i stayed in hong kong and studied in hong kong last year, i made a decision of going to the united states to pursue a better education after i came to the us, i realize that there are some d.
  • Education in asia and the challenges of development laurent carroué home to 564% of the world’s population, asia is a young continent in the midst of demographic transition.

Although the vietnamese education system is on a promising path, there are still large gaps between parts of the country with different ethnic groups, and between men and women. Structurally, the education system is more centralized teachers are less autonomous — their performance is monitored more, and there's a higher emphasis on student achievement than in other. Features a web application that compares two countries side by side, listing various facts, figures, measures and indicators allowing their similarities and differences to quickly be examined.

comparing the education system in vietnam The world education rankings from the oecd are out the uk is slipping down in maths, reading and science, and has been overtaken by poland and norway, this major study of 65 countries reveals. comparing the education system in vietnam The world education rankings from the oecd are out the uk is slipping down in maths, reading and science, and has been overtaken by poland and norway, this major study of 65 countries reveals.
Comparing the education system in vietnam
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